"Welcome to Mighty Oaks Group of Schools!" Mighty Oaks...Blaze Forth to Glory!

Our Vision

Mighty Oaks Schools has some of the latest facilities for effective and functional learning. >>

Primary Section

Our Primary section is located in a seperate location from the secondary section in a conducive environment. >>

Secondary Section

Our Secondary section is located in a serene location that is apt for learning at that level. >>

The next generation of Leaders!

At Mighty Oaks we conduct mentoring and leadership development programmes:

All our school prefects are prepared for leadership role through mentoring programmes. The students are allowed free hands to explore their leadership potentials. Prefects have easy access to teachers and mentors of their choice.


National & School Anthem

At Mighty Oaks we ensure that the pupils understand the words in the Anthems:

Arise O Compatriot; Nigerians call obey, To serve our fathers land with love and strength and faith, Thy labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain; To serve with heart and might, One nation bound in freedom; Peace and unity.<<Download Anthems>>


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